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First-aid for kids

Taping a shoulder wound

This concept is designed to instigate confidence and raise medical awareness in small children.  Often, in school premises, children don’t take care of minor injuries, which develop into an infection.


The Minion First-Aid kit aims to motivate children to mend their injuries independently through its attractive, playful and easy nature.


Naturally, with a severe injury, a professional along with a complete kit will be needed.

"Understanding Design" course project with

Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay

Final UD Project2.png

Research on various injuries and its frequency in schools and articles by "Accident Research Center" (Monash University) and the "World Health Organization" showed that maximum injuries were bruises due to falls. (i.e. 65% of total injuries)

Therefore, the chosen target group was 5-10-years old children,

also because it is a critical period for developing their confidence.


Children are curious about things that they can relate to, and this can be used to nudge them towards developing their mental strength.

Hence, by using a trending-theme based First-Aid Kit, they feel invited to use them independently. Plus, a dispenser layout is easy to use, maintain, and robust.

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