Cordless luminaire

“Praja.2” is a cordless luminaire focused on its user's creativity. Designed to enhance spaces by fusing lighting and decorative elements, its angelic appearance projects an ethereal warmth on its contents below.

What started as a solution to counter the mess from excessive décor on tables, the lamp evolved to its current form through the vision of connecting the cultural history of Sweden’s glassmaking and India’s metalworking. The technology embedded in it acquires a poetic meaning by bringing together the raw strength of metal, the delicate transparency of glass, and the gentle fluidity of water. It is a harmony of various natural contrasting elements that invite interaction and observation.

“Praja.2” takes the soul of its predecessor forward with a modular design that can be repurposed for different scenarios. This not only prolongs its life as a product but helps it to be perceived in a new light every day.


Various applications of OLED lighting panels were explored for reducing the profile of the lamp. But given that its fragility would reduce its versatility, the tried & tested robust design from “Praja” was taken forward.


Hence, with a few tweaks to break away from the familliarity with any profilic shape of lamps whatsoever, a shape inspired by the profile of Christmas angel emerged.