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Costing and Production Challenges,

For the sundial's pattern making, its size (40x40x5cm) and its intricate details were significantly expensive with available methods.

Especially for a student with a minimal budget.

SLS 3D-printing the pattern would be 8000 Euros

5-axis CNC machining a metal/wooden block, 1000 Euros

Plus, if I had decided to rather machine a mold directly, available tooling could not produce the sharp edges of the brutalist design.

Therefore, I decided to utilize several manufacturing processes for a modular design to cut down on costs.


Poplar Wood, 8 Euros

Laser-Cut 2mm Acrylic, 30 Euros

SLS 3D Printing markers, 35 Euros

VMC Milling 2mm depth, 15 Euros

Total Cost for Pattern, 88 Euros

11x Cost-Reduction

Mold Making,

For the sundial's mold, I had to take a similar modular approach to minimize costs.


The most efficient approach would have been to use silicone for the whole mold, but I would require 10kg of it, and cost 250 Euros.


On the other hand, by using a combination of plaster and silicone for the base and details respectively, I would only require 1.5kg of silicone, costing me just 40 Euros.


RTV Silicone, 40 Euros

Plaster, 10 Euros

Total Cost for Mold, 50 Euros

5x Cost-Reduction

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