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Odor-removal accessories

Lund University with IKEA

Exhibited at Milan Design Week 2019

within Off The Grid(?) exhibition

"Renovaré" is a line of products designed to initiate water-saving habits by refreshing your clothes and accessories through odor removal.


Aimed to act right on the source of the smell, these products utilize a patented fabric infused with activated charcoal called “cTrap".

IKEA collaborated for our semester project by briefing us to build on their idea of democratizing design, improving everyday life for many, and focus on sustainable living.


Water scarcity across the planet is on the rise.


Effects of “Climate Change” have led to mass frenzy, crop failure, uncontrollable forest fires, lack of cooling devices, etc.


But sadly, our lifestyle is not doing enough to deal or prepare us for such crises. Hence, I decided to look into our water consumption, especially our laundry habits, and this is what I found,


20,000 Litres

Per machine

Per year

My Story

I love matching my pants and socks. But being a student, I have the luxury of a very limited number of pants and socks. Luckily, Sweden’s cold weather makes me sweat less. Hence, I end up reusing my socks with my favorite pants and also inadvertently save water by reducing laundry.

This made me wonder how conscious was the public about their laundry, so I conducted a survey to collect data about the usage of socks.


Survey Results

In relation to washing socks, the data from 61 responses showed that,


Half the users reused their socks at least once
Users with less than 7 pairs reused again
Users with more than 10 pairs used only once

Most responses were from users aged between 19-24. These were mostly students or young working-class, and usually resided in corridor

rooms or apartments. They relied on queuing for the laundry facilities.

Defining Target Environment

City Lifestyle
Single Professionals
Queued Laundry Access
Slight Smelly Clothes
Expensive Clothes

Science of Odour

Moisture - Bacteria - Odour

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