A Brutalist Sundial

Suryakala is a piece to realize the importance of time through an animal that embodies the vibrancy of our planet.

It is designed to elicit warmth with its contrasting elements.

Exhibited at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019

within forecast exhibition.

Appreciating cyclic nature of life,
with Time


For generations, human development has been powered by the cyclic nature of sunlight and the seasonal changes of our planet. Timekeeping itself began with devices powered by the sun, i.e. Sundials.

Hence, Suryakala is a love letter to our beautiful planet.

Pattern Making

The amalgamation of modern technologies and olden techniques gives "Suryakala"a modernist story.


Utilizing processes like SLS 3D printing, laser cutting, and VMC, the pattern was constructed in the precision of tens of microns.


Mold Making

I decided to make a modular mold to capture the fine details and the base with different processes.

Plaster for its structural ability, and RTV silicone for a perfect transfer of its details.



Made out of Brass, the gnomon came to be with water-jet cutting, milling and lastly, the human touch of polishing by hand​.


It contrasted not just the cold appearance of the concrete, but also its raw features.